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TEAM Installation Questions and Answers

How do I setup a Team Pro database?

Visit the Setting Up Team Pro page.

How do I install Team?

1.) Double-click tsetup.exe to install the software and database onto the PC that will act as the server. (A networked PC is required for multi-user operation). The second installation will automatically run to install the client software onto your PC.

2.) For each additional user, run Setup.exe from the Alexsys TEAM Directory. For example, if you installed TEAM onto a shared drive ‘X:\Alexsys\Team’ then each additional user would double-click ‘X:\Alexsys\Team\Setup.exe’ to install the client software onto each PC. 

How do I move my database to another system?

If you installed TEAM on a PC and then decided that you want to move your database to a different PC or server, all you have to do is:

1.) Install TEAM on the new system.

2.) Copy the Alexsys TEAM subdirectory from the original system to the new system.

3.) Delete, log/pdoxusrs.lck, and lookups/pdoxusrs.lck files if they are present.

4.) Run Setup.exe again from each user’s PC to reset the program icons.

How do I remove TEAM?

1.) From each users PC, use the Control Panel Add/Remove programs to remove the client software from each user’s PC and delete the directory where Alexsys TEAM was installed.

2.) Delete the directories and sub-directories where Alexsys TEAM was installed.

General Questions and Answers

Why can’t I run multiple users on my Team Database?

Alexsys TEAM 98.1.4 corrects a problem when attempting to run TEAM on the Server while other users are running. Please download the latest TEAM 98 update to correct this problem. 

How do I update Team without overwriting my existing database?

If you are running tsetup.exe, the installation process will not let you overwrite your existing database. You will receive a message telling you that a database already exists and only the program files will be installed if you continue.

If you are running Teamupd.exe, you do not have to worry as only Application Program files are updated. 

How can I install the Team Client without mounting a new drive?

When installing Team on the client, use the Windows Explorer to browse though the “Network Neighborhood” to the server, sharename and path for setup.exe and run it. This way all shortcuts will be created using the network path.

Should I install Team to another directory to track different projects?

No, this is not necessary. TEAM is designed to allow you to track multiple projects by using the Project field in the Work Request. Just include the Project that you want as a value for the Project lookup field and assign requests to the appropriate Project. Then you can create a TEAMView Tab that contains those requests specific to a certain project by adding a filter to the tab.

Work Requests that involve a work-group should be stored in the same database. This allows work to be moved easily between team members and also allows all team members to see everything that is going on in the team.

Database Error Questions and Answers

Why does the database utility in Team 98.5 fail on the company table?

The original update of 98.5 included a version of the database utility, TeamAdm.exe, that did not support the old style database. The full download and upgrade have been updated as of 10/30/98 5PM EST. The older database utility works fine and you can skip the backup before upgrading. This is safe because the Log and Lookups directories are not changed during the upgrade. You can download the update to get the latest version.

Why doesn’t Team work after my computer or notebook goes into sleep mode?

The database engine is unable to reestablish its connection with the server after sleeping. This is currently a limitation. You should always exit TEAM before suspending or restarting your computer. You can try to abort TEAM using CTRL-ALT-DEL, selecting Alexsys TEAM, and then selecting the End Task button. You may have to try this several times before TEAM will be aborted. If this does not work, the computer will have to be restarted.

Legacy Questions and Answers

What do I do when I get an Index out of Date error?

If you receive this error, you should repair your tables immediately. If you use the Compact/Repair Utility in the Database Utility, all of the tables will be verified and if necessary, repaired. If after you attempt to repair your tables and you still receive errors, or if your tables are not repairable, Contact Alexsys Corporation for assistance. We can help you repair your database.

You should always exit Team before shutting windows down or restarting windows. Failure to shut down Team can cause database errors.

Why can’t I run multiple users on my Team Database

Alexsys TEAM 98.1.4 corrects a problem when attempting to run TEAM on the Server while other users are running. Please download the latest TEAM 98 update to correct this problem.

How can I use European dates?

If you are running a version of TEAM prior to v98.1, and you want to change from mm-dd-yy date format (i.e., 10-28-97) to dd-mm-yy date format (i.e., 28-10-97), you must update TEAM and upgrade your database. Once you have updated TEAM and have upgraded your database, you can just set your Windows Regional Date Settings to use the dd-mm-yy format.

If you are running TEAM version 98.1 or later, you can just set your Windows Regional Date Settings to use the dd-mm-yy format.

Note: You cannot use dd-mmm-yy (i.e., 28-Oct-97) format because you will generate invalid DateTime errors. This is a restriction placed on us at the moment and when this is fixed, we will provide an update to TEAM. 

Why do I get an ILDA32.DLL can’t be found error?

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