Alexsys Team®
goes beyond simple project management:

Fully configurable for
how you work

Offers complete
role-based security

Understands how teams
really collaborate – tasks are
added over time

Focus on important
near team issues so work does
not fall through the cracks

Welcome Alexsys Team®

It is a powerful project management tool that helps organizations complete complicated projects on time and within budget by recording and assigning responsibilities with due dates for tasks. Individuals can organize and prioritize their assignments and collaborate with one another to boost team productivity. Managers can get real-time status of tasks or projects and eliminate bottlenecks by balancing workloads.

Email integration keeps users notified of new assignments and automatic escalations keep critical tasks from falling through the cracks. Store and track all types of work in TEAM using custom Work Request forms. Automate your business process using our Adaptive Rules Engine™. Maintain standards, audits, and compliance tracking using our complete change history.


Benefits of Using Team

Enable teams to collaborate and focus on critical tasks and projects

Allow managers to facilitate teamwork and manage for success with instant, real-time status

Streamline work and get important tasks done on time with automatic escalation and notification

Simplify compliance tracking by instantly capturing and maintaining complete quality and compliance records

Enforce business processes using Alexsys’ Adaptive Rules Engine™ to automate your company’s policies

Store and track all of your work in one place using custom work request forms tailored for each type of work

Reduce audit time (SOX, ISO900x, FDA, etc) by incorporating your business rules and process documentation in Alexsys Team

Increase productivity by organizing documents, notes, and correspondences within your tasks

Increase accountability and quality by recording, prioritizing, and enforcing common practices

Improve your productivity continuously, using Alexsys TEAM’s instant form and rules customization features

Alexsys Corporation innovates with software solutions that are designed to automate the management of tasks and business processes associated with any kind of organization. With our full line of Alexsys Team solutions, businesses of any size can achieve better overall control and management of the work being conducted at their organizations.

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