Alexsys TEAM® is a multi-user Team Management System that provides a powerful yet easy way to manage all the members of a team and their tasks. Use TEAM right out of the box or take advantage of a customizable database, business rules, and custom tabs.

TEAM is more robust than ever with new features including:

Multiple Work Request Forms – Create different forms layouts for your varied tasks. For example, a Help Desk, Defect, and New Feature requests can each have their own set of unique fields and lookup values.

Integration With Outlook – Work requests can be viewed and edited via mail hyperlinks.

Knowledge Base – Use our searchable knowledge base to store documents and access them from your database or your website.

Time Recording – Record billable and non-billable time spent on Work Requests and generate reports.

TEAM-Web Table Edit – Administer Lookup Tables right from the Web, allowing you to add, edit, delete and archive lookup values.

Secure TEAM-Web Control Panel – Use the browser to restart TEAM-Web, close and reset connections, configure connection and session settings, set tracing and select an active database.

Increased Performance in TEAM Pro – Storing attachments, generating reports, saving changes to Knowledge Base articles, loading relationships generating detailed reports and loading field rules performs faster than ever before.

Custom Drop-Downs – Create context-sensitive drop-down lists so only appropriate choices are shown.

Group Level Access Control – Create groups for complete control over who can edit, delete and view tasks.

Spell Check – Available for several languages and disciplines.


TEAM Standard comes with its own relational Database. 

TEAM Pro uses high performance SQL, optimized to work with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL databases.


TEAM-Web lets users access TEAM using a Web browser. Team-Web requires IIS 6.0 or later on your server.

TEAM WebEntry lets you create web pages to allow non-Team users to enter work requests using a Web browser. Create help desk pages for customers or others who you want to submit requests to your TEAM database. 

Team Features

  • Multiple forms
  • Sort ascending/descending order
  • Ability to delete Work Requests from TEAM-Web
  • Customizable database
  • Custom “Tabs” lists give each user instant access to the information they need
  • Simultaneous access from TEAM and TEAM-Web
  • Centralized database
  • E-Mail notifications through Outlook and other mail systems
  • Field-level access control
  • Conditionally required fields
  • Unlimited notes and attachments
  • Attachment validation
  • Advanced searching from TEAM and the Web
  • Complete change history
  • Detailed reports from TEAM-Web with detail options
  • Detailed report customization with support for $URL directive and Link directive
  • Maintenance tools