Team Management System for Windows and the Web™

Alexsys TEAM® is a multi-user Team Management System that provides a powerful yet easy way to manage all the members of a team and their tasks. Use TEAM right out of the box or take advantage of a customizable database, business rules, and custom tabs.


alexsysTEAM PRO

Serves your Enterprise Needs with SQL Server

Alexsys TEAM Pro now serves your enterprise needs with SQL Server support for just a fraction of the cost of other products. Just set up a new database and account on your SQL server and TEAM will upload your current database. From then on, TEAM runs with your tables from your SQL server.


alexsysTEAM WEB

TEAM-Web Works with all modern browsers

TEAM-Web lets users access TEAM using a Web browser. Team-Web requires IIS 6.0 or later on your server.



TEAM WebEntry lets you create web pages to allow non-Team users to enter work requests using a Web browser. Create help desk pages for customers or others who you want to submit requests to your TEAM database. 

Team Features

  • Multiple forms
  • Sort ascending/descending order
  • Ability to delete Work Requests from TEAM-Web
  • Customizable database
  • Custom “Tabs” lists give each user instant access to the information they need
  • Simultaneous access from TEAM and TEAM-Web
  • Centralized database
  • E-Mail notifications through Outlook and other mail systems
  • Field-level access control
  • Conditionally required fields
  • Unlimited notes and attachments
  • Attachment validation
  • Advanced searching from TEAM and the Web
  • Complete change history
  • Detailed reports from TEAM-Web with detail options
  • Detailed report customization with support for $URL directive and Link directive
  • Maintenance tools