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TEAM Service Desk

Alexsys TEAM Service Desk is an add-on product that provides fully interactive web-based customer support (portal) sites that work seamlessly with your Alexsys TEAM. The Service Desk Visual Builder and standard AJAX architecture make it easy to add a TEAM integrated customer service desk to your existing web site.

Service Desk user registration can be self-registering, moderated, or automatic using external validation like Active Directory. Once registered, service desk users can submit new tickets, view their tickets, add notes and attachments, view responses, and receive email notifications when responses are added to their tickets. 
Alexsys TEAM Service Desk is implemented using AJAX to provide superb performance and maintain security.


Flexible Registration – Users can self register with an email confirmation, moderators can approve users, or users can be externally validated. An ASPX script is provided to use Active Directory as a login method into a service desk that automatically registers the users and keeps their profiles up to date.

Submit and View Tickets – Users can submit new tickets and view their tickets.

Add Notes and Attachments – Users can add notes and attachments to existing tickets.

View Responses – Users can immediately see responses entered in Alexsys TEAM. Alexsys TEAM work requests contain special response notes that are viewable on the service desk.

Edit Profiles – Users can update their profile information and reset their passwords. Pre-validated users (like Active Directory) can be automatically updated.

Browser Independent – Works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari web browsers.

Style based – Style sheets architecture makes it easy for your web designer to adapt the service desk to match your web site.

Unlimited Service Desks and Service Desk Users – Create as many Service Desks as required. There are no limits or charges based on number of Service Desks or Service Desk users.

Operates in Trial Mode – The Service Desk works with your current TEAM installation and runs as a fully functional trial version so you can evaluate it. The trial version is limited to 100 tickets.

Fully Integrated with Team – When a Service Desk user submits a new ticket, a new TEAM Work Request is created using the specified request type. Alexsys TEAM users update, respond, and close work requests and TEAM takes care of updating the Service Desk. TEAM Notifications and Escalations can be used to send response confirmations to users, notify TEAM users of new tickets and user notes, and escalate tickets that require attention.

Leverages the Power of TEAM – Since Service Desk tickets are Alexsys TEAM work requests, you can use the power of TEAM to automatically update fields with triggers, send email notifications to Alexsys TEAM members or Service Desk users, escalate, calculate, etc.

Multiple Service Desks – TEAM can support multiple Services Desks for different needs. Each Service Desk is configurable with a registration method, default request type, custom numbering, new ticket defaults values, attachment security and limits, and custom email templates for user registration.

Service Desk Users – Service Desk user information is stored in a TEAM lookup table so they can be monitored, viewed, or deactivated using TEAM.
Response Notes – TEAM users can add a response note to a work request and it is immediately displayed on the Service Desk. All other Flags, Discuss, and notes remain private and are viewable by Alexsys TEAM users but not shown on the Service Desk.

Visual Designer for Ticket Lists and Ticket Forms – The Visual Designer lets you graphically layout the ticket lists and new ticket forms using your TEAM database fields names, automatically updating the web pages and scripts so no programming is required.

Integrated Knowledge Base – The basic service desk provided includes a tab to search the Team knowledge base to provide a complete support experience.



The Alexsys Team Service Desk is implemented in two parts:

  • The first part is a support site consisting of web pages and JavaScript. This can be tailored and adapted to match your web site and needs.
  • The second part is our AJAX API and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) which are implemented using Team-Web. Service Desk functions can be accessed from any state-of-the-art server-side or client-side system like .NET, Ruby on Rails, PHP, etc.

The AJAX API permits the full and interactive retrieval of Team data for tickets and Team Lookup tables for display or to create intelligent content and drop-downs.


Complete Security – runs outside your firewall and supports all IIS security including: IIS Port configuration, Host limiting, and SSL.

Ticket Visibility Control – Service Desk users can only view their own tickets. In addition, each Service Desk can have its own filter to further limit viewable tickets based on age, status, or any other condition deemed appropriate.

Superb Performance – Team Service Desk AJAX requests have been fully optimized to deliver maximum performance. We even permit multiple requests at one time to further optimize performance.

Dynamic Content Support – Dynamic content support allows you to create an advanced and interactive experience for your Service Desk users. Data can be retrieved from Team Lookup Tables filtered and automatically formatted to populate select drop-downs with one line of code.

Open and Extensible Data Access – The base JavaScript code generated from the Visual Service.


The Alexsys Team Service Desk operates right out of the box. Styles and JavaScript support routines make it easy for a web developer to adapt and integrate the Service Desk into your web site. In addition, we also offer professional services

Alexsys Team Configuration to create required Rules, Triggers, Notifications, and Escalations.

Training and Consultation to assist your web developers.
Web Development to completely implement your service desk onto your web site.

Unlimited phone support for customers with extended support. Training and Web Development can be provided at an additional charge.


OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista or later with Internet Information Server (IIS).

Browser: IE 6, Firefox 2, Safari 3 or later.

Alexsys Team: Alexsys Team or later.

Alexsys Team-Web: Alexsys Team-Web must be configured but need not be licensed.